COVID-19 Studio Update

Dear Dance Family,

Academy of Dance Arts’ mission has always been not only to develop great dancers, but more importantly, great kids.

As such, we’re fully committed to, and grounded in our core values. One of which is to do whatever it takes to protect our community and show you how much we care.

That’s why, through the end of March, we are continuing with our original class schedule to fulfill what we’ve always promised. We will continue the shift to an online, stay-at-home format due to COVID—19.

Here’s how it works:

1. All students, families, and parents are invited to join our virtual classrooms (I’ve addressed non-virtual users further below in this email).

2. Each of our classes will take place at its originally scheduled time—this means we are NOT changing the schedule.

3. To join your class, instead of coming to the studio, click on the link that was emailed to you the previous night by the front desk staff (we’ve clearly labeled the class we are broadcasting). We encourage using a computer so we can see your dancer and help with corrections.

4. If you are unable to take advantage of our virtual classes, no worries—we will be offering makeup classes when classes resume. (If you are taking advantage of virtual classes you are invited to attend makeup classes too!)

5. And finally, please note that while our classrooms are closed, normal operations will continue. This means, if you need us, you can still get in touch with us via phone or email.

Finally, in closing—I want to encourage you by saying that we believe the conflict between what we know how to do and what we don’t, is what creates growth and strength, and while we hope this is a short-lived virus, we know that we will work through this and prevail as a community, no matter what—stronger than ever.

Join us on Facebook and Instagram for up to date info and fun challenges while we are on as my teen dancers call it Coronacation Facebook @acadofdance Instagram: academyofdanceartsmi

Let me know if there’s anything I can do personally for you over the next few days. When you get a moment, please login and follow us to stay informed.

If you aren’t on Facebook, please continue to reach out with questions at (269)329-2002 or [email protected]

Thanks for your continued support!


Emily Robbins
Director/ Owner Academy of Dance Arts & Apparel

Academy of Dance Arts & Apparel
536 Romence Rd Ste 109
Portage, MI 49024