Re- Opening guidelines and procedures for our students and families

We are excited to introduce a safer in the studio plan that we hope gives you a peace of mind when your dancer is ready to
come back into the studio. With dance studios not having a “category” in Michigan, we are lumped into a Professional and
retail business by guidance of many State representatives. Being that we also are working with children, we have been
advised to follow safety guidelines that daycares would follow as well. After all of our research, and guidance from
authorities at the state and local level we are excited to open knowing that we are guarding our students, families and staff to
the best of our ability.

Under capacity rules, we have specific guidelines of how many students are allowed in each dance room during each phase.
We will do our best to offer multiple class times but will fill classes on a first to register basis.

The following below are the guidelines and steps we are taking to make sure you feel comfortable when bringing your child
back to the studio. As phases change or guidelines change, we will continue to update you through Teamapp. We know how
frustrating it is to get bombarded with emails so we will post these updates on Teamapp under Newsletters. If you need help
getting signed up, please reach out to our office staff for help. I appreciate your support, patience, and trust through all of
this. I would not have made it without you! There will be a waiver sent before class starts that we will have you turn in that
lets us know you agree to our procedures of health protocols, sanitizing and keeping in good faith that all family members
have been healthy for a period of time. Please take time to read through so you are ready for when classes resume July 5th.

General Safety and Health Protocols:

1. All students will be dropped off and picked up outside their classroom. (Lobbies are closed). A staff
member will be outside accepting students and will sanitize all hands. This will mean it is extremely
important for dancers to be dropped off and picked up on time. Students under the age of 12 will not be
released into the parking lot. We ask that parents come up to get these kiddos. (Parents please wear a
face covering)
2. Each student will remove street shoes and place them on an X that is spaced throughoutthe classroom.
3. Their dance bag will be placed on the X that is assigned to them in the dance room. They will also wait at that X
while others arrive. These X’s will be where the students will change shoes, where they will report for across the
floor, etc. This will also allow no cross contamination.
4. Our floors are tape gridded to allow for social distancing. There is a taped off teacher area up front where
students are not permitted, so that teachers can breathe, direct, drink water, change music, etc…
5. Center floor work: each student will stretch and do center work in the middle (marked with colored tape) of each
gridded square. For now, formations in dances are tabled for all younger dancers. We will do recital dances in our
own taped square.
6. Across the floor: each dancer will report to their X and go across the floor when called. Teachers know to
randomly stagger those who are called. Little ones will use their own gridded square for across the floor. Age
7-10 will go out halfway and then return to chair, so no one crosses each other’s space.
7. Changing dance shoes: Little ones will sit on X to change shoes and teachers (required to wear masks
throughout the class) will change their shoes from the floor, if they need help. After each shoe change
everyone gets hand sanitizer again.
8. Bathroom: After each use handles, knobs etc must be wiped down. Dancers will need to wash hands and may be
asked to reapply hand sanitizer when they enter the room. We will only beusing the wall dispensers with
antibacterial soap in each bathroom. No more free-standing soapbottles.
9. At the end of each class (we will dismiss 5-10 minutes early- depending on class size) dancers are called to the
taped x where shoes were. As one staff member calls their name and gives them one last squirt of hand
sanitizer to leave the 2nd staff member is preparing the studio for the next class.
10. Between each class: all bars and, floors are disinfected. The bathroom sink and toilet is re- sprayed. The staff
member at the exit doors for dismissal, wipe’s door handles, doorknobs, and common areas.
11. Dancers coming in will be waiting on the x to the left of the door dancers exiting will wait on the x to the right of
the door after dropped off. And will be walked to their x in the Classroom
12. At the end of each night, the staff will wipe down all surfaces (doorknobs, door handles, bars,desk, etc. and respray the bathrooms. Each night the lobbies and common areas will be cleaned.

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